Our company insists on the requirement of customers. By adoption of effective management, we try to improve ourselves continuously and provide high quality of product as an honest enterprise. Our quality target is to reach over 90 percent of monthly average first pass yield of finished products inspection as well as less than 2 percent of yearly average number of customer complaints.

Our company has a complete quality system to keep all our operators, production equipments and process in good conditions. From the very beginning, all staffs particularly emphasize every factor which may influence our product quality. For every aspect of our product, we design and make integrated drawing, processing technology, operating procedure, operation instruction and standard of product quality. Besides, we examine our product through the whole procedure from sample inspection to production in batches, in strictly control of quality of materials, processing and critical activity.

Moreover, we focus on cultivating employee talent and lifting professional skills. According to our training plan and responding career development direction, our employees must be well trained, who will not go on duty until they pass the assessment. In addition, we establish five stars staff training program for our workers at the production line. If these workers can pass our test about training and actual operation, they will enjoy star rated salary and subsidy. In accordance with equipment management process, we regularly check, maintain and calibrate all equipments, tooling, molds and instruments to guarantee them in good and precise state.

Main Products
  • MCX Connector MCX connector is a series of ideal coaxial cable accessories with push type structure. Although its inner diameter of conductor and outer diameter of insulator are similar to SMB series, the outside diameter of plug in our product can be 30 percent smaller than SMB series. Thus, it is smaller and lighter, suitable for the areas in high demand for weight and volume...
  • MMCX Connector MMCX connector, as one of the smallest coaxial connectors, is radio frequency components especially designed for the application which requires small space. For example, it can be used for small communication and networking equipment in demand for size and weight, and it can also be applied to intensive installation on circuit board. ..