Our products mainly include RF coaxial connectors, RF cable assemblies, and all kinds of jumper cables, flexible antenna, testing equipment accessories and so on, all of which adopts environmentally friendly materials to meet the standards of IEC, MIL and RoSH.

Besides, our product can be widely applied to military equipment, aviation, communication, network security, broadcast, television, automobiles, medical, monitoring, instruments and other areas where high or low frequency of signal transmission is required. Within the frequency range between 0 to 40GHz, our product can also play an important role in PHS, CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, radar, GPS and other communication and network devices.

Our company not only serves for a large number of domestic communications operators, equipment manufacturers and professional electronics companies, such as ZTE, Huawei, GrenTech, Tatfook, Sichuan Jiuzhou and Hytera, but also exports our product to Europe, America and Asia including Italy, Britain, Latvia, Romania, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc.

In order to offer our customers characterized and affordable products with high quality and high precision, our company never stops to focusing on our development of interconnection technology and the market trends. We rely on our strong team for design, research, manufacturing and assembling according to the requirements of our customers. Also, we provide our users tailored products, overall technical support and interconnection solution in early development and post production and other aspects as a domestic leader.