From 2004 to 2008, our company has been approved by ISO9001:2000, and since 2008, we have also achieved ISO9001:2008 certification. Besides, we adopt Shenzhen Metrology and Measurement Station of China Aviation Industry as well as Shenzhen Metrology and Measurement Station of CIMM as our measuring tools.

Our cable assemblies have been certificated by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Wire Communication Product of MII

Our connectors have passed the inspection from SGS and AOV.

In both Shenzhen Calibration Station of AQSIQ and Telecommunication Metrology Center of MIIT, we carry out our instrument calibration.

Dashing is a specialized RF coaxial connector and RF adapter manufacturer based in China. Our company provides SMA connector, MCX connector, MMCX PCB adapter, semi-flexible cable assembly, coaxial terminal, and much more.

Main Products
  • N Connector N connector is a series of product connected with screw threads, featuring medium power, high reliability, strong shock resistance, as well as outstanding mechanical and electrical performance and so on. It can be extensively used for linking RF coaxial cables in radio equipment and ground launched system under the conditions of vibration and harsh environment...
  • TNC Connector TNC connector is one type of wholesale coaxial components, which owns similar contact interface to BNC but adopts thread connection. Besides, our product can fall into Reverse Polarity Crimp Bulkhead Jack type and Crimp Right Angle Plug type...