Our company commits itself to developing new type of communication tools for main equipment manufacturers, such as the new product used for complex components and common subsystem transmission like 4G/LTE, Wifi, Wimax, FTTA and so on. Furthermore, we are good at seizing market opportunities to provide you high additional value of interconnection solution in the ever changing market.

With the innovation of television and high definition television, our connectors and cable assemblies with higher performance are your best choice.

To make you feel safer and more comfortable, we focus on introducing new generation of transportation means especially for its applications in long distance of information communication and security, such as radar, telephone transmission and navigation system, etc. Next, we will apply the advantages of high frequency of interconnected products to automotive field, so as to meet the technical demands of this industry as well as the limitations of supply chains and costs.

High quality of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, produced by our company, can be used for chassis wiring. Meanwhile, we supply testing equipment accessories to all kinds of passive component test instruments.

Microwave amplifiers     Passive test instrument                               Power splitter             Network analyzer

As a China-based manufacturer of RF coaxial connector and RF adapter, our company offers a variety of products, including SMA connector, N connector, coaxial terminal, MMCX PCB adapter, semi-flexible cable assembly, and more.

Main Products
  • MMCX Connector MMCX connector, as one of the smallest coaxial connectors, is radio frequency components especially designed for the application which requires small space. For example, it can be used for small communication and networking equipment in demand for size and weight, and it can also be applied to intensive installation on circuit board. ..
  • N Connector N connector is a series of product connected with screw threads, featuring medium power, high reliability, strong shock resistance, as well as outstanding mechanical and electrical performance and so on. It can be extensively used for linking RF coaxial cables in radio equipment and ground launched system under the conditions of vibration and harsh environment...