Semi-Flexible Cable Assembly

Semi-Flexible Cable Assembly

Semi flexible cable assembly is suitable for various types of connection between cabinet and module, cabinet and cabinet, antenna and feeder cable, as well as feeder cable and cabinet. We can provide tailored product according to the drawings or detailed requirements of our users. Except for the special product, all commonly used products can reach the index of electrical performance with VSWR of less than 1.15 and frequency of 3GHz.

Common semi flexible cable assembly is a manual product by adoption of tin dipping and knitting technology with direct current and frequency of 20GHz. In comparison to semi rigid type, this semi flexible type can be bent repeatedly. Also, it features low loss and high shielding performance, suitable for internal connection, mobile base stations, delay line, RF devices and other electronic equipments. During installation, you may find quite easy for wiring without rebound effect and reposition in many scenes.

Cable assembly of 7/16 type DIN connector is composed of ultra flexible corrugated cable or semi flexible cable plus 7/16 type DIN connector with direct current and 3.3GHz. Due to the knockdown intermodulation level, it can be specially applied to installation of wireless infrastructure, cable introduction by antenna as well as base stations.

Corrugated type product utilizes ultra flexible spiral type or flexible ring type of copper pipe for its outer conductor with direct current and frequency of 20GHz. It is characterized by low loss and low intermodulation, generally applicable to outdoor wireless infrastructure for long haul.

As a specialized semi-flexible cable assembly manufacturer and supplier in China, Dashing also provides cable stripping service, coaxial terminal, flexible antenna, and inter series RF adapter, among others.

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Semi Flexible Electric Cable | Half-flexible Metal Cable | Semi-flexible Coaxial Cable | Half Flexible Cable

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